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Welcome to the links, legend. We drew direct inspiration from the ’93 classic released during MJ’s first year in retirement and gave it a golf update. A memory foam insole and synthetic leather tongue highlight a low-top design worthy of statues, swing-throughs and clean ball strikes that ultimately land gently on the green.


Soft Ride

We upgraded the insole to a memory foam that sits directly under your foot for extra cushioning, made to walk 18 holes or more. Full-length foam offers the soft, supportive ride you’ve come to expect in Jordan golf.


Comfortable and Clean

The synthetic leather tongue offers comfort against your ankle. It’s easy to clean after a wade through the rough or tall grass.


Stay Dry

Waterproof layers help keep your feet dry and warm when the elements turn.


Traction for the Course

A strong plastic plate comes with 7 removable Champs spikes to give you traction for the course.


Level of Stability

We attached a leather strip to the back of a sole to add a level of stability when swinging through the ball.


Product Details

Available in all sizes for both male and female.


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