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Firstly, Stix Golf was founded in 2020 and is based in Elgin, Illinois. 14 sleek clubs, each a joy to swing — smooth and consistent, for a comfortable, controlled swing. Built solid, these Stix clubs are made with the very same premium materials you’ll find in kits 3x the price. Because unless you’re Tiger Woods, a crazy-expensive pro kit will not change your game. Stix are for the rest of us — golf lovers who just want to swing stronger, hit further, and love the way the clubs feel. Includes every club you need for confidence in every scenario, without overpaying.

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Generally speaking, the more flexible the shaft the more ‘forgiving’ the clubs tend to be. What this means is that the shaft of the club will bend a little more during the swing to help compensate for slower swing speeds and inconsistent swings. This minimizes the difference in ball trajectory on less than ideal swings. The stiffer shaft flexes are just more exact to a golfer’s swing. Because of these reasons, softer flexes (regular and A-flex) are suggested for people newer to golf or lack the strength to get higher swing speeds. This is the technical side of the equation though!.

To add , Flex is also about how they feel! For instance, some newer golfers may find stiffer flexes more comfortable for their swing and prefer to get accommodated to them as they improve their golf game. It just depends on the individual golfer’s build and their swing style. Don’t be too anxious about your decision though!.

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Described as “beautiful, minimalist, modern”, each iron is stunningly designed with a black finish that provides enhanced durability and scratch-resistance. Stix clubs deliver quality and performance on par with the big brands — without the premium markup. Spend less time in the golf tech weeds and more time on the course with simple kit configuration. It is also very simple to clean a stix golf club. To clean , fill the bucket with warm water and add about three teaspoons of soap or dishwashing liquid to the bowl. Put the club heads in the water and leave them there for around five minutes. Then, take the irons out one-by-one and use the soft-bristle brush to remove the dirt.

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Graphite iron shafts are popular among golfers because they offer a number of benefits compared to steel shafts. One of the main advantages of graphite iron shafts is that they are generally lighter in weight than steel shafts. This can help golfers generate more clubhead speed, which can lead to longer shots. Another benefit of graphite iron shafts is that they tend to be more flexible than steel shafts. This can help players generate more distance and control on their shots, especially on off-center hits. In addition, graphite iron shafts can be more forgiving than steel shafts because they tend to vibrate less at impact, which can help to minimize the impact of mis-hits. Overall, the main benefits of graphite iron shafts are that they can help golfers generate more distance, improve their control, and increase their forgiveness on shots.

Lastly, Although Stix® is formulated to apply to hard coat surfaces without the need for sanding, it is recommended that proper surface preparation still be completed to enhance adhesion properties. Surfaces such as Formica, ceramic tile and glossy painted surfaces should be properly DE glossed. Stix golf clubs for sale 2024


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