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Vice golf balls pro plus Soft ball

First, the new 3-Piece Cast Urethane Vice PRO SOFT offers several visible and hidden innovations. She is specifically design for players with medium and low club head speeds. Many hobby golfers take their game to a new level by choosing this ball model. Vice golf balls will hence benefit them with a better feel, high spin around the green and a lot of drive length. Golfers who play the Vice PRO SOFT include amateurs with declining swing speed. Emerging golfers at a young age, and many recreational golfers will be able to upgrade their game from a Surlyn Cover golf ball. Therefore, they improve their game with greater game control and better short game feel and spin.

Why vice golf balls are good

To proceed, the new Vice PRO SOFT features a revised KIL putting line for better visual perception when aligning the ball. The extra-long and clearly visible sharp-edged “Keep In Line” (KIL) putting line was developed in collaboration with professionals . This led to great help in meeting their highest demands. The shiny and thinner cast urethane shell allows for extraordinary control and feel in the short game. Golfers will benefit from higher spin rates around the green.

Vice golf balls reviews

Tested at SAN DIEGO Golf Labs’ independent golf laboratories, the new Vice PRO SOFT achieves more distance off the tee. She achieves that distance while maintaining high wedge spin for aggressive approaches to difficult pin positions. Impact resistance tests in production showed that the balls lasted 25% longer.

The making of vice golf balls

  • 3-piece construction with cast urethane shell
  • High Energy Speed ​​Core (ESC) for higher ball speeds and drive lengths
  • Particularly thin cast urethane cover for maximum feel and short game spin
  • New 318 extra-large dimple design for a stable trajectory


  • Exceptional length paired with a particularly soft feel and feedback at impact
  • Excellent spin in the short game due to the stick to the green (S2TG) technology
  • New, shiny surface
  • Newly designed sharp-edged KIL line for optimal ball alignment


  • Advanced players with medium and low club head speed (<95 mph)
  • Lastly Vice golf balls is the best golf ball on sales this 2023/2024



2 reviews for Vice golf balls

  1. nathan

    It is magical ! I have only been buying for a month and the results have already exceeded my expectations. I started getting a lot of attention from my play mates – the balls was driving them crazy. Your golf ball is really the best. THANK YOU! 😁

  2. johnwick

    I’ve been using you guys for a month now . Frankly, I thought these site were a scam to steal money from people, but I saw the good reviews and the low price and decided to give it a try. My enthusiasm for golf is much stronger and lasts events I even participated in some competitions . This your shop will help those who have minor golf problems.

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